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I propose an approach were we segment the participants into equal-sized groops based on they’re age cohorts.

After Hemingway AI

We can divide the participants into groups with similar ages.
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Simplify and clarify your
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Save time with instant suggestions to rewrite wordy
sentences, weak phrases, and passive voice.


Despite the fact that readability is, as often described by professional writers, very important for both enjoyment, understanding, and accessibility, its has been overlooked by many novices.

Simplified by Hemingway AI

Professional writers know that readability is important for both enjoyment and accessibility. Yet, novices often overlook it.

Perfect your grammar

Our advanced grammar tool goes beyond simple
spellchecks to fix even the toughest issues.


I think your going to the store and were going to make bread. Its my favorite food, and it’s flavor is so good.

Grammar fixed by Hemingway AI

I think you’re going to the store and we’re going to make bread. It’s my favorite food, and its flavor is so good.

Write like you, not a robot

Hemingway Editor Plus matches your tone and word
choice so rewritten sentences sound like you.


Through market research, companies can tailor their messaging and offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of their customers, ensuring relevance and value.

Rewritten by Hemingway AI

Great companies understand their customers. Their products and messaging reflect what customers need. It’s a recipe for a lasting brand connection.

Find the perfect style and tone

Use AI to apply one of our eight styles. For example, make prose more confident, formal, or friendly.

Break through writer’s block

Hemingway Editor Plus inspires with new ways to
rephrase your text.

Privacy you can trust

We will never sell your data, let others use it
to train an AI, or use it for advertising.

Hemingway Editor is, like a good editor, attuned to the places where vanity seems to be getting the better of things.

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In order to write about life, first you must live it. And then you must run it through this app.

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Are you utilizing an alarming profusion of ostentatious and unnecessary words in your written expression? The Hemingway app can help.

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We think the Hemingway App made the prose of Ernest Hemingway better prose.

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I think it can be very helpful in an academic setting to help people cut out the jargony, overly-formal academic-ish language that creeps into some emails/communications.

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The Hemingway Editor makes it easy to tailor written content for my intended audience...[It] helps make sure that my end reader can grasp the concept quickly and easily.

Anna A.

Most writing benefits from simplicity, positivity, and concision. So I recommend the Hemingway app for all writers.

Paul H.

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